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NEW!!! 17 DL Isokinetic Deadlift

Model The 17 DL uses the same governor as our Leaper units. Athletes can set the speed control lever for FAST speed work or SLOW work. We recommend most work at FAST speed to develop their white quick twitch muscle fibers for more explosive action in the game. Recommended program 30 reps in 30 seconds for the FAST speed workout, 3 days per week and one day per week, 20 reps setting the speed lever SLOW to maintain their strength. This workout can be increased to 2 or 3 sets when the athletes accommodate to this isokinetic workout. All this, SAFELY, as they are creating their own resistance thru the full range of motion with each and every fatiguing rep. (not possible with usual weight training) Additionally, bench pressing, upright rows, curls and more exercises can be done. Overall, our Deadlift exerciser emphasizes the glutes and hamstrings for more hip explosion.

For some athletes, optional weights can be added for eccentric work if desired. The FAST speed workout can also be done with 90 lbs or more weight added.



Optional weights provides eccentric work which still allows fast speed work out.


LCD reading for charting improvements to motivate athletes.


Our old Leapers had only a simple force dial with one reading of maximum effort at the strongest point in the range of motion. Today we offer a very strong motivational LCD reading for charting strength gains.

Our Lcds has 5 different reading for the users. As the athletes are working on the leaper, the LCDs are only 12 inches from their eyes. The 1st button is the athletes POWER reading on every rep as as they exercise. The 2nd button brings up a reading of the TOTAL WORK done for the full number of reps they have done. The 3rd button counts theREPS. The 4th button provides the actual amount of TIME exercised with that bout of reps. And the the 5th button provides the AVERAGE WORK of the number of reps done. This is probably the most important reading as this reading calculates the fatigue factor when doing 25-30 reps. When comparing workout numbers, it is best to always set governor at slow speed. Excellent motivation! Athletes can chart their workout. Our LCDs readings can be charted and show monthly athletic power gains. The best test of power is the vertical jumping and the leaper is key to develop power.

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