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(Same model as the Home Leaper 16H)
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Leaper with Mini Gym for the Complete Family Workout!

*NOTE: The Leaper is no longer manufactured with the front extension framework. Instead a bracket has been welded to the front-bottom of the Leaper for additional exercises. You will also receive an additional wall bracket (screw into wall studs or plywood) for high position basketball pull-down, overhead passing drills, volleyball spiking drills and more with our stirrup handle. You must purchase a Super 2 for the Pro Leaper or a Family Mini Gym for the Home Leaper for these exercises.

All ages — from 6-years-old to 60-years-old — can exercise with Isokinetic resistance! The reason? It ADAPTS TO EACH AND EVERY USER WITH ACCOMODATING RESISTANCE. In the 1970-80s, our legendary Leaper changed the game of basketball forever with our new exercise discovery of isokinetic resistance. With this discovery, for the first time in exercise history, the Leaper permitted athletes to train fast to be fast without the potential problem of injury. Our legendary Leaper permits fast speed training for the athletes in the family, developing higher jumping, more speed and quickness for their sport.

Now, for the first time in exercise history, with our invention of isokinetics, the exerciser adapts to you, you do not have to adapt to it as with weights, again your resistance adapts to whatever you are doing — THUS — our accommodating resistance not only is ideal for the athlete, but is excellent for mom, dad, daughters, and yes, even 85-year-old Grandpa!

With our isokinetic discovery, you actually make your own resistance with that exact amount of effort you are exerting — that is if you work 10 pounds of effort or 500 pounds, it’s always automatic adjusting to YOU. You make your own resistance and its always adjusting to your fatigue so you can do 10 or 100 reps. The user always receives the exact amount of resistance that they are exerting — not only for the first rep, but for any number of reps thru the full range of motion. This training is just not possible with weights.

*The optional front extension is no longer available. The #1001 Family Mini Gym add-on may be used to achieve these exercises. View the product page for more information.

Mini Gym Model #103 attaches to the front of Leaper or on the wall.

Mini Gym Accessories

Use the optional Mini Gym 103 for many more training exercises, for basketball, i.e., rebounding, overhead passing, dribbling and bounce passing. This fast speed training is specific to other sports also i.e., throwing, passing, batting, tennis swing, discuss, shot put, golf swing and many more ranges of motion that improves young sthletes expolsivness with delelopment of their white twitch muscle fibers.

Removing the Mini Gym from the wall bracket in and re-positioning it on low bracket on left side of Leaper permits several more leg exercises with our Velcro foot strap for additional training or rehab, i.e., hamstring, quads, leg adduction and abduction..strong quads and hamstrings helps with injury prevention.

Using the Mini Gym with the Leaper also permits ideal team circuit training of 3 or 4 athletes training at the same time, rotating to new location ec\very 30 or 40 seconds. (Watch our circuit training on our 16h video)...Our isokenetic circuit training is ideal as it is not necessary to set resistance of each athlete because our governor automatically adjust to every user strength.

Mini Gym Exercises

Home Leaper 16H Features:
  • Our speed control governor matches the exact effort applied with every rep throughout the full range of motion, and that is with every fatigueing rep.
  • Same features as our 16P pro model, but only 200 lbs, 50 inches long and 52 inches high
  • Optional frame attachment to front of leaper with 2 wall bracket to house a mini gym, permitting 2 athletes to exercise at same time.
  • Available with LCD output(See below for features of the LCD.)
  • Train in less time as resistance is always automatic to effort one applies, with little or no muscle sorness, and do it safely.
The Leaper has an LCD that provides 5 important measurements:

  • Power = Force x Distance / Time which can be watched every rep
  • Work = Force x Distance and provides accumulated work of the total reps
  • Time = Used for the exact time of the exercise
  • Count Reps = Total number of reps per workout
  • Average Work = Divides your accumulated work by the number of reps (6000 accumulated work / 20 reps = 300 Avg work)

Just a few of the advantages of Isokinetic Exercise:

You only get the resistance that one exerts…thru the full range of motion… with every rep no more, no less

Never need to set resistance as its always automatic

3) More POWER Developed
You train fast to be fast..developing your white quick twich muscles fibers

developed as you are not limited to your weakest ranges of motion (as weights)

muscles only contracted for positive exercise

as athletes can change stations without setting resistance

7) Ideal for IN-SEASON
workout to maintain strength / power

Mini Gym Super II Testimonial

Having used your product for 4 or 5 years I am writing to tell how pleased I am with the Minigym Super II product. There are several reasons why I use it for almost all the resistance exercises that I do and just can't do weights anymore.

First, I like circuit training, and with the Super II, I can move from one exercise to another in less than a second. My full circuit consists of seven exercises, lasts four minutes, and includes curls, reverse curls, military press, squats, bent-over rowing, up-right rowing and straight-arm (forward) raises. Not only do I get the resistance training that I want, but the four-minute circuit keeps my heart-rate high as well.

Second, in my experience the chance of injury from training with the Super II is much less than that from using iron. (For example, if I do military presses with iron I soon develop chronically sore shoulders. With the Super II, military presses do not lead to shoulder pain. In fact, using the Super II has helped mitigate the pain in my shoulders.) I presume the reasons for this are two-fold: (a) the fact that the isokinetic load on the muscle adjusts to the strength of the muscle at each point in the contraction (so there is no overloading) and (b) the fact that there is no load on the muscle during the muscle-extension phase of the exercise.

Third, I enjoy the fact that there is little to no muscle soreness on the days following an isokinetic workout, and that if I like, I can use the Super II for multiple days in a row. I know there are excellent reasons for competitive athletes to train with isokinetic resistance methods. I think the reasons for older people like myself to do so are also compelling. I am pleased that the Super II has allowed me to engage in rigorous resistance training that is also aerobic and that does not lead to the routine soreness and inevitable injuries that arise when training with iron.

Best Regards, Peter

Mini Gym Leaper trains athletes their vertical jumping. More rebounding power, more strength, quickness as we train athletes fast to be fast. Basketball, volleyball quickness developed with our speed training of doing 30 squats in 30 seconds. Most basketball player are dunking the ball within a few weeks. Our isokinetic resistance accommodates to each athletic strength and yet automatically adjust to their fatigue as they do fast 30 seconds reps. We suggest setting our governor at slow speed once weekly but working twice weekly at fast speed developing the white quick twich muscle fibers. Little or no muscle soreness is experienced, our workout is quicker, no spotter is needed, safer workout, ideal for in season training maintaining strength and speed. Volleyball power and speed is achieved for more effective spiking. Football, soceer, hockey players achieve more speed and will improve their vertical jumping.

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*There is no guarantee that these results occur with every athlete. Results may vary from one athlete to another.