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Colin Mishler
“When we started using the Leaper on November 12, our average team vertical jump was 21.4 inches. By February 13 our best average vertical jump as a team was 26.6 inches…an increase of 5.2 inches as a team…Colin Mishler, Assistant Basketball Coach, Highland High School, Berlin, Ohio

Jodan Paice, Indianapolis, IN
"The leaper was very instrumental in helping me develop my power, strength and explosiveness in the mid 70s. I achieved double-doubles in most basketball games…I also high jumped and 35 years later my jump records remain in the schools top ten. Today, I purchased a Pro Leaper for my son who plays at Lehigh University as I know it will improve his game." ph 317-523-9255

Todd Ustby
"My sons use of the Leaper increased his vertical jump by over eight inches in but few months. He’s a soph, 6 ft 1 inch and does not use any other equipment for his legs other than the Leaper..He now dunks in JV games. The Leaper worked for me back in 1979 and now it is working for my son in 2012." ph 507-269-5788

Stevie Snow
“I was always a tremendous jumper back in my collegiate basketball days but I can honestly say that when I first started utilizing “the leaper” as part of my strength and conditioning regime during the summer of 1986 my jumping ability went through the roof and took me to another level as an athlete. After using the leaper for the summer, there wasn’t a dunk that the elite players were doing that I could not do, 360, Reverse, “Tap it off the glass”, “Double Pump”, etc. etc., you name it and I was doing it and at a modest 5’ 11” inches. I have no doubts what so ever that it was all due to using the leaper, no doubts and my former team mates will testify to this. What I noticed most was my explosiveness, vertical increase and “hang time” and in such a very short period of time. Point blank, do not gamble with your money, the leaper is it and does what it says it will do.

There is nothing that I have found out there in comparison to the leaper”. - Stevie Snow , Australia

Bud Lathrop
"I began using the Mini Gym Leaper for my teams at Ray South back in 1975 and used it for 30 years. Having won 955 games, and being the winningest coach in Missouri history, I feel I’m qualified to tell you there is no other training equipment that comes close to developing quickness, explosiveness, with vertical jumping as does leaper training. I went to the final four 10 times and won state 4 times, and 35 conference championships, with 254 players advanced to university status. I like to help you with the training of young athletes. Why?.. The Leaper develops athletes white quick twitch muscle fibers that just isn’t possible with the usual weight training. I had players increase their vertical jumping 10-12 inches over the summer months, and every player a minimum of 3-5 inches or more. I had many sophomores stuffing the ball within weeks.

We know there is a school budget crunch and I have been pushing the Mini Gym Co to develop a smallegr /more cost effective Leaper for the home owners (who might have a gifted athlete), maybe for rec room or garage. I am happy to tell you, after a couple of years, this possibility finally happened with their new model 16H,(H is for home).

I loved coaching & still do it part time. If I had an athlete who might make university level, I would never coach without a leaper. My life has always been basketball & I’m always happy to help young athletes….. my phone number is (816) 353-6406

Bud Lathrop

Matt Hoskins CPT, SFS
(November 3, 2010)
"I trained on the MiniGym Leaper consistently for many years during my athletic career. The Leaper machine was the key to building up a strong and explosive foundation that led to many achievements in sports for me. I have held the high jump record at Colorado State University for 23 years. I still hold the high jump record, several other Track & Field records and broke the school Cross Country record at Bear Creek High School here in Colorado. At one time, my ranking was #2 in the nation for all collegiate long jumpers at 24'9". During my career as a decathlete, my pole vault height was over 17 feet and my 110 high hurdle time 13.6 seconds. I am bringing the Leaper back into my training regime currently in a bid to break the Masters World High Jump Record for my age group. I don't know of any other training device or program that can come close to producing the results that come from training with the Leaper."

Kenneth Renfro (February 05, 2008)
"My high school coach had one of these machines we trained on for about 2 months and I was jumping through the roof, my stamina had increased. I thought it was the training alone that helped vert/distance. I had finished an all state Basketball player and one of the states finalists in the high sand long jump. I broke my foot a year later, never to jump AS high and far again. Now that I'm in college studying Kinesiology and training myself into a better athlete I know this machine is what made the difference! I am interested in the demo model (does that one have the LCD) or one of the older models for my personal use. I am also talking to my basketball coach here at CSU Monterey Bay into getting one for the gym."

Gilbert Thomas aka The Dunkmaster (October 27 th , 2008)
"My standing vertical leap soared from 28'' to 44'' using the Isokinetic Leaper. My company Dunk Dreams is the number 1 vertical dunk training company in the world. You may have seen us on the CBS World News, with Katie Couric, or the internets various sources have done stories on me. So listen to the Dunk Master and get a Leaper machine. Gil the Dunkmaster Thomas Dunk Dream Inc."

Mike (May 13 th , 2008)
"I have a 13 year old son who is gifted as a Baseball Pitcher and a Sharpshooter Guard / Forward in Basketball. His challenge is his legs are a bit longer than I, his Dad, and he is having trouble with speed, jumping and basically the quick twitch muscles in his legs. I trained hard on The Leaper for 18 months in high school and earned a Division 1 ride at Auburn for football. I attribute a lot of my success to that simple little machine as I went from a good athlete to great. At sign in I was at a 4.38 40M time, and had a 38" vertical at 6'2'' 190lbs. I used the Leaper 3 times a week religiously and my thighs, hip flexors and calves were ripped. I also did traditional squats but not often and I may have added size but the best way I found to jump out of the gym or explode from still to a sprint. I firmly believe in the Leaper equipment and its effect on training my ancillary quick twitch muscles and coordination of timing and firing you only get from that machine. I am putting the word out to experts for help. I would like to find and BUY this machine."

Pat Dunsmore (June 1 st , 2007)
"I've known you guys for 20 years and had no idea he invented the Leaper. We got our first Leaper in Ankeny, Iowa in 1976 or '77. I was a junior in high school. I think I added 3-4 inches to my vertical in the first year."

Chuck (August 2 nd , 2009)
"Yes, I too used the Leaper religiously back in '85 and '86. Far and away the best exercise for the improvement of vertical jump. I am 5'8'' and was dunking in '86 thanks to that machine."

Rich (March 13 th , 2010)
"Remember this machine well. Back in '85 and '86 I used it religiously. Though only 5 foot 8 inches tall I had the kind of vertical by my senior year that intimidated players a foot taller. I too am looking for one."

Mike Johnson (July 21 st , 2008)
"I have been looking for a Leaper machine and want to get one ASAP. My son is 13 and is growing like a weed. I used this particular machine in high school myself and went from average to dunking with a 36 in vertical and a 4.38, 40 time... that earned me, a wide receiver position full ride at Div. I school in SEC. My son is lanky and I know what this machine can do for the fast-twitch muscles..."

Greg Vidos (July 3 rd , 2008)
"I had used one of these in the late '70's and it made a tremendous difference in my jumping ability."

Mark Hakime (June 17 th , 2009)
"I used a "Leaper" device from 1980 to 1984 while playing HS Basketball in NC. I know the device works. I am only 6' to 6'1'' (years have shrunk me a little) and could dunk the basketball any way imaginable. When I first got to HS, I could only touch the bottom of the board. I lived on this Leaper and concentrated on doing the exercises correctly."

Todd Stokes (December 31 st , 2009)
"I used the Leaper Machine in the '80s and loved it. I would like to know if the mini gym has the same results? My son is 13 and I would love to get him started on the program in the near future. I am very interested and will be making a purchase very soon."

John Hilbrich (February 16 th , 2010)
"I am interested in the Leaper for my volleyball playing daughters. I used a Leaper in college to increase vertical jump for basketball and it really worked. Kent Benson from Indiana University (Bobby Knight Days) used it too."

Larry Mayol
"I've been using mini gyms and the leaper since 1978. I can tell you there is no other equipment that will produce the results for young athletes than fast speed resistance that develops one's white quick twitch muscle fibers. I only want to have the best, and my whole training program is built around training fast to be fast, and it just can't be done with other equipment. I've trained my young athlete with this equipment since I got out of college. It will produce results for him that he needs for the fast game of explosive movements. The Isokinetic equipment is safer than other methods, you workout in less time and with little or no muscle soreness. Leg strength and quickness is necessary for all sports."

John Skinner
"An improved leaping ability of 3" to 8" in a 6 week period by many of my players. Also upper body strength has been successful... I've used it in three different programs and have been able to show players definite progress in quickness and jumping."

Randall D. Powell
"I have used the Leaper for the past 6 years with tremendous success. I had one player increase his vertical jump 9-10 inches in just 2 months."

Jamers Verry
" As someone who has coached basketball and played, I can think of no other exercise equipment that is more valuable to a player or a basketball program."


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