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Isokinetic Swim Bench for Dry Land Training –
Model #84 with two Super 2s
for Home and Swim Clubs

Train Fast to be Fast with our Super 2s
(workout bench NOT included)
Variable speed governor
Simulates all-stroke training
Attach to wall and begin your training
$1,590 ($795 each) + Shipping & Handling Mainland USA

Isokinetic Resistance

Three of the key ingredients needed for a successful competitive swimmer are: stroking, power, and motivation. With our isokinetic Swim Bench, we measure, monitor, and develop these three ingredients as well as specific muscle development. When a swimmer is moving slowly through the water, very little energy is used and the water provides very little resistance. Moving quickly, the water provides accommodating resistance to the speed or force of movement, same as our isokinetic Mini-Gyms. Thus, the act of swimming is really isokinetic exercise.

Super 2 Swim Bench Model #84

Model #84 with two Super 2s

We have simplified our Swim Bench with two of our Super 2 models which have their own pulleys. This advantage permits much more versatile training to improve both form and endurance. Isokinetic training is done in less time than weight training as resistance is always automatic to every user. Challenge your muscles by varying the speed setting from low to high.

The Super 2s can be attached to a wall for bench training. They may also be placed at different heights on the wall or on the floor for many more training exercises. Click Here to see the variety of exercises and training you can achieve with the Super 2.

Watch how to exercise and train at home with the Super 2 Train at Home Exercises with the Super 2

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