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(with Super 2 model)

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The Super 2 ideal home exercise training
White quick twitch muscles are developed with fast speed resistance exercise.

This exerciser provides athletes versatility for both wall and floor exercises. The Super 2 provides automatic resistance that is always in direct proportion to the athlete effort exerted thru the full range of motion (same as Leaper) and with every fatiguing rep. Only with isokinetic resistance can the young athlete do 30 reps in 30 seconds, and receive hundreds of LBS resistance in the last 2-3" of the squat exercise at fast speeds, safely. This develops their white quick twitch muscle fibers resulting in vast increase in vertical jumping, jump quicker, and quickness for all sports motions and do this safely. (This not possible with weights.)

Our home exerciser is the PERFECT exerciser for an athlete that wants to drastically improve their speed, quickness, and vertical jump. It can be used for ANY athlete in ANY sport, as the exerciser automatically adjusts to every user. For basketball athletes, the Super 2 will be your new best friend, as it will assist your SLAM DUNKING.

An added bonus is its versatility. The unit has 8 feet of 900 pound test rope to accommodate any size athlete. The unit weighs only 28 pounds, about 2 cubic feet in size, so it can easily be stored in a closet. The exercisers come with many accessories to permit the user to place the Super 2 on the wall for pull downs, lats, rowing, overhead pass, bounce pass, chest pass, dribbling, hamstrings, quads, rotator cuff, wrist, and triceps and many more exercises. When the placed on the floor athletes can do upright rows, leg presses, military press, curls, cleans, and basketball shooting drills, and squats with Leaper Pads.

With our isokinetic exercisers athletes get little or no muscle soreness, and a more efficient workout in less time. One gets exactly matching resistance automatically to the effort exerted. There is no weights to set or release. Just work fast with every rep, usually 25-30 reps in 30 seconds exercise. Our isokinetic governor adjust to the full range of motion thru every fatiguing rep. (Even if you do 100 reps.) Athletes need to work fast to be fast to develop their white quick twitch muscle fibers. That is just another benefit of Isokinetics.


Super 2 (with no LCDs)


Model Super 2 includes 10 in handle, stirrup handle, wall bracket and instruction booklet

An ideal exerciser for the young athletes to develop their power and yet can be used by the total family. Only with isokinetic resistance can the young athletes train fast to be fast with development of their white quick twich muscles...and now its affordable for every family. Exercise in less time without usual muscle sorness, safer exercise, work fast, more specific, and more effective than weights since the exerciser always adjust to the users effort instead of the user adjusting to the resistance as with weights.

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